Mission Statement

Our Mission is to better the community both Native and Non-Native through education in order to ensure that our beliefs both cultural and spiritual live on for generations to come. 

Services Available

Our Services

  • Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act: which provides employment, education and training opportunities for American Indian and Native Alsakans in Ohio. 
  • Leaders of Tomorrow Program: This program allows the elders of our community to meet with the youth and pass on the knowledge of our ways both spiritual and cultural in order to ensure a bright future for our people.
  • Health Education Programs: This program allows distribution of assistance and information to our Native Community for the purpose of raising and improving our Native Community Health.
  • NAICC Food Program: This program is funded by private donations and some Federal Funding that allows the Center to provide food to those in need of assistance.
  • Advocacy Program: This programs provides assistance to American Indian and Native Alaskan families in regards to the Child Welfare Indian Act Program through tribes, families, local courts, and Children Services Boards.
  • Additional Assistance: The Center also provides school supplies to children in the Native Community in order to ensure a less stressful school experience to those in need. Food and Toys to our families in need are also provided through the center with the help of private funding, donations and fund raising.


Our goal is serve as a focal and contact point for the American Indian and Native Alaskan as well as the Non-American Indian population of Ohio by offering the necessities of life; food, shelter, training, employment and educational assistance as well as guidance to get help in areas where we are unable to assist.

History of the NAICC

     Founded in 1974, the NAICC has been able to identify issues within the Ohio Social Service Delivery System and as a result the NAICC has been able to develop programs around those issues in order to provide statewide assistance to the  American Indian and Native Alaskan population in Ohio.  

     For over 3 decades NAICC has endeavored to educate the general public, state, local and federal government agencies as well as our own community of our cultural and spiritual beliefs and ways.

     Currently, the NAICC is actively involved in many government boards in order to help develop and maintain services offered through the government for our Native Community. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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